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This month, the IndianaMap will be featured on the local award-winning PBS show “Across Indiana.” To see what the IndianaMap is and how people all over the state are using it, tune in to channel 20 at 7:30 on Tuesday, May 15th. You may even see someone you know!

The 1987 amendments to the Clean Water Act identified urban storm water runoff as a source of water pollution. The amendments - and Indiana statute - also recognize the need to study sources of water pollution like runoff. The challenge for counties and cities with urban runoff was to meet compliance requirements, and develop a long-term water quality analysis plan.

The Monroe County Planning Department used GIS to do just that.

They completed a stream assessment showing where runoff originates, indicates land use on each property, and determines which water bodies are affected by the runoff. This combined data provides a baseline for future comparison, and is a key component in analyzing the effects of land use on water quality over time.

Results of the study are available to the public at www.co.monroe.in.us/planning/data.html