One of the greatest benefits of IGIC membership is the right to vote for representatives to the Board of Directors. We have an outstanding slate of candidates for 2008. Elected members will serve three year terms on the Board. There are 5 sectors open for election this year: Nonprofit, Commercial GIS Service Provider, Regional GIS Consortia, University, and Regional Planning Commission.
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Voting is open until noon on Friday, December 14, 2007.

Below are candidates for the 2008 Board:


Carol Rogers, Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC)
Carol leads the IBRC’s work providing economic and demographic data to Indiana. She is the State Liaison to the Census Bureau, works with the Federal Cooperative on population projections, and is a leader of the State Data Center program. Under Carol’s guidance, Indiana data is accessible via the STATS Indiana website. Carol’s goal as IGIC board member will be to improve availability of GIS data and tools, and help users use these resources to yield insights.

Dax Denton, Indiana Statewide Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs)
Dax recently joined the Indiana Statewide Association of RECs as Manager of State Relations. In this capacity, he works with the legislature and state agencies to represent Indiana’s electric cooperatives. Prior, he was Deputy Legislative Director of the Association of Indiana Counties. One of his responsibilities was providing a voice for county governments on the IGIC Board where he served for five years, and provided valuable advice and leadership on legislation.

Fiona Solkowski, The Nature Conservancy
Fiona is the Site Conservation Planner in Indiana, where she also manages the GIS and provides user support. Fiona worked in Northwest Indiana restoring prairies and wetlands, and is now based in Indianapolis. The Nature Conservancy preserves the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth. In Indiana, they have protected over 45,000 acres of irreplaceable forests, wetlands and prairies. She served on the IGIC Board starting in 2003.

Matt Waldo, Indy Partnership
Matt is Research Manager for the Indy Partnership, assisting companies relocate or expand their operations to the 11-county Indianapolis region. He is responsible for overseeing all databases and libraries, assisting with data needs, developing marketing materials, and overseeing the Information Warehouse on the IP website. Previously, Matt worked for IVY Tech conducting labor market research, and at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Heritage Environmental Services and Hoosier Environmental Council. Matt has an MS in Public Affairs from IU.

Tom Renkert, MIBOR
Tom is Information Services Director for the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS (MIBOR). He oversees the service and support of MIBOR’s Broker Listing Cooperative (BLC), lockbox and membership services. The BLC offers real estate database services to over 9,000 real estate professionals in 10 Indiana counties. The database seamlessly ties a broker’s listing to geographical and public records layers throughout Central Indiana. Tom has a BA in Business Administration (Accounting Information Systems) from Western Michigan University.


Andrew Harrison, GISP, Schneider
Andrew has been involved with GIS activities across Indiana for over 20 years. This has given him experience on many public, private and commercial GIS projects. He has the knowledge, leadership, commitment to public education, and public relations skills needed to successfully develop GIS projects. Andrew is a previous IGIC Board member. He is a GISP. His two decades supporting Indiana GIS shows the commitment, experience and knowledge needed, and asks for your vote.

Brent Campbell, GIS Products Solutions
Brent has been in the GIS field for 10 years. He worked in the local government sector for 7 years before pursuing his own GIS consulting business. Brent brings a great deal of knowledge of local government processes, database design and development, along with extensive knowledge in the ESRI suite of software. Brent received his BS from Ball State University majoring in Natural Resources – Land Management Option with a Minor in Geography.

Eric Lowry, WTH Technology
Eric supervises GIS client support activities for over 3,000 licensed GIS software users in 65 Indiana counties. He desires to bring their views and ideas to the IGIC Board. Eric has served on the Indiana National Emergency Numbers Association Board and as an alternate on the Indiana Wireless Board. WTH Technology is an Indiana-based GIS company providing comprehensive GIS services. WTH has been an IGIC member and participated actively on committees for a number of years.

Jeff Leonhard, Pictometry
Jeff is the District Manager for Pictometry in Indiana, based out of Indianapolis. He has been with Pictometry for 2 years, with 8 years total in the GIS industry, with the focus on GIS in government and public safety. He has a BS in Cartography from Ohio University. If elected, Jeff would bring his experiences from the private industry’s relationship with government GIS, specifically in the emerging trends in aerial photography and GIS.

Jennifer Whitacre, M.J. Hardin
Jennifer works for M.J. Harden as National Account Manager for LiDAR Solutions (Columbus, IN). She is responsible for sales and management of LiDAR projects. Previously she worked for eMap International as Director of Project Design, and Spectrum Mapping as VP of LiDAR Operations. Jennifer has a BS in Geography from IU, and advanced GIS training from IUPUI. She served on the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Board (Rocky Mountain Region) and is a member of ASPRS.

John Hannel, Woolpert
John has over 18 years experience as a GIS service provider. While working for multiple companies in that time, John has compiled a resume consisting of services and disciplines ranging from parcel mapping to utility GIS, from enterprise information integration to all facets of geo-spatial services. John has been active on the IGIC Conference Committee. Leveraging these years and breadth of experience, John would be a valuable asset to the IGIC Board.

Joyce West, Sidwell
Joyce is a geographer with over 25 years of mapping and GIS experience. She is a GIS Account Manager for The Sidwell Company serving local government clients in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Joyce actively supports several county government associations and serves on the Associates Board of the Association of Indiana Counties and the Indiana Association of County Commissioners. Joyce hopes to share GIS perspectives among GIS service providers, local government, and the IGIC Board.

Mark Dann, ESRI
Mark is an Account Manager for ESRI in Columbus, OH. He has over fifteen years of experience in design and implementation of Geographic Information Systems, which included one of the first systems to be used for archaeological research in Greece. He would like to serve on the IGIC council to encourage statewide collaborations and GIS partnerships. If elected, he will work hard to ensure that IGIC continues to support a successful GIS conference.

Matt Bechdol, ESRI
Matt lives in Indiana and is currently a Federal Account Manager at ESRI focusing on USDA and AgroSecurity. He also teaches GIS at George Mason U. Previously he investigated geospatial technologies at NASA. His concerns are the 1) advancement of geospatial tools and thinking, 2) workforce development, and 3) improved data sharing and communication. Matt holds a BS from IU; a Certificate in European Public Administration from the Rijksuniversiteit; and an MS in Geographic and Cartographic Science from George Mason.

Rick Kosinski, Williams Aerial & Mapping
Rick is the General Manager of this photogrammetric mapping company located in South Bend. He is a Commercial/ Instrument/ Multi-Engine rated pilot with over 4000 hours logged as an aerial survey pilot. Rick has 22 years experience, including stereo plotter operator, pilot, LiDAR collection, digital oblique imagery and film aerial, GPS and airborne GPS, and a photographic lab technician. Value to the council will be the sharing of knowledge gained from years of experience.

Scott Stephens, Manatron
With 15 years experience in the geospatial industry, Scott is the former Vice President and co-founder of Plexis Group – an Indianapolis based geospatial technology company which was acquired by Manatron in 2005. His focus as Vice President at Manatron is to bolster the integration of geospatial technology within Manatron’s Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal application and promote deployment of Manatron’s eGovernment solutions. Born and raised in Indiana, Scott has a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering Technology from Purdue.

Toby Hardin, MapSync
Toby has an excellent knowledge of how GIS and GPS can be applied to any given situation in state and local government settings. He has been with MapSync for over 2 years and has lived in Indiana for over 10 years.


Cele Morris – Northwest Indiana GIS Forum

Cele works as a Research Analyst at the Northwest Indiana Center for Data & Analysis at IU Northwest. Her position encourages her to be actively involved with the Northwest Indiana GIS Forum, in the local GIS community, and statewide for over eight years. Since GIS development within the state varies greatly, Cele provides metadata outreach and training to support their development at all levels. Cele received a BS in Geology from IU Northwest.

Greg Grabner, Evansville and Vanderburgh County
Greg is a GIS Manager with Mark Rolley Consulting, working extensively with Evansville and Vanderburgh County to coordinate and maintain their award winning GIS system. His work includes projects with IDNR and FEMA on flood modeling and floodplain boundary locations. Prior, he worked at the Evansville Building Commission as a GIS/Floodplain Technician. He has worked in the GIS field for more than six years. Greg studied Geology at the U of Southern IN, Evansville.

Joan Keene, IMAGIS, Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County
Joan coordinates the GIS program for the Marion Co. Health Dept. She actively participates on the IMAGIS Technical Committee and Board, where she shares her technical expertise, and offers insights into health mapping, including disease tracking, mosquito control, health clinic patient mapping, inspections and health research. Joan’s specific technical knowledge, her interest in teaching non-users the benefits of GIS, and her experience with the GIS consortium will be valuable to the IGIC Board.

Mike Sudac, Johnson Co. GIS Task Force
Mike manages the Johnson Co. GIS. In his brief time there, he has created an active GIS, reaching out to all government, utilities, and schools to build a robust, cooperative GIS. He participates in GIS forums in surrounding counties to encourage data-sharing. Previously, Mike managed the GIS for North Texas Council of Governments (16 counties). His experience in multi-county GIS, his technical expertise, and his ability to build consensus will be assets to IGIC.


Anna Radue, IU
Anna is a database and GIS specialist at IU, providing GIS and remote sensing technical support to all campuses. She administers license agreements with ESRI, Leica Geosystems, and Lizardtech and supports the Indiana Spatial Data Storage Portal and Indiana Spatial Data Services. Her areas of interest include image encoding, enterprise GIS, and storage of imagery in relational databases. Anna is an IGIC Board member, and won awards for her efforts posting the 2005 orthophotos to the IndianaMap.

Christopher Miller, Purdue
Christopher has been a GIS Librarian at Purdue since 2006 and spent his first year adding GIS capabilities to projects by students and faculty who would not otherwise have had access to such powerful information capabilities. He feels that the work a library-based GIS does to democratize and expedite student and citizen access to GIS resources, information and applications translates well to the state at large, and therefore to the mission of the IGIC.

Erdal Yilmaz, IUPUI
Erdal is Senior Research Associate at the Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. There he models airplane aerodynamics and air flow around turbine blades. Recently he began modeling wind flow around high-rise buildings in Indianapolis, which provides an understanding of window breaking, windmill placement, and deposition of airborne particulate matter. He is an Aeronautical Engineer, with an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at IU. His Ph.D. is from the Middle East Technical U.

Jeff Wilson, IUPUI
Jeff is Chairman and Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Geography. Research interests include GIS, remote sensing, and human health and the environment. Recent publication topics include environmental influences of zoning, correlates of childhood physical activity, estimating urban trail traffic, smart growth, adolescent travel patterns, and terrestrial components of climate change. He is active with Geographic Educators Network of Indiana, and authored “Indiana in Maps: Geographic Perspectives of the Hoosier State”. His Ph.D. is from ISU.

Kevin Turcotte, Ball State
Kevin is Professor of Geography at Ball State, with teaching and research specialties involving GIS. He works on tools for cancer registry, a neighborhood rate calculator for vital records, and lead screening. He created a GIS of the historic Lanier-Shrewsbury neighborhood in Madison, Indiana. He was chairman of undergraduate curriculum, and is involved in the Building Better Communities initiative. He is the vice-chair of the Indiana Cancer Consortium Data Committee. His Ph.D. is from ISU.

Larry Theller, Purdue
Larry is a GIS Specialist in Agricultural & Biological Engineering. He has many years of industry experience followed by lengthy association with GIS in the university system as an instructor and a researcher. This places him in a good position to fuel communication between public and private sector needs and expectations. He would personally work to see more young faculty appreciate and contribute to the effort needed to keep IGIC moving ahead. His MS is from Purdue.

Michael Robinson, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Michael is Assistant Professor of Civil/Environmental Engineering, with specialties in sustainable development and ground water. He teaches students the power of GIS as a problem solving tool; with the ability to see the big picture and the power to analyze small details. His career has benefited from organizations such as IGIC. Michael would like to build upon that as a member of the Board of Directors. Michael is a PE; his Ph.D. is from Virginia Tech.

Qihao Weng, Indiana State
Qihao is Director of the Center for Urban and Environmental Change, and Associate Professor of Geography. His specialties include remote sensing, GIS, land cover change, and ecosystems of the urban environment. He is principal investigator for several grants: “Role of Urban Canopy Composition and Structure in Determining Heat Islands", and "Indiana Impervious Surface Mapping Initiative". Additionally, he is working on: ”Biodiversity and Habitat in Indiana in 2000". His Ph.D. is from U of Georgia.


Andy Swenson, IndyMPO
Andy is a Principal Planner for the 8-county Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). There he manages GIS resources needed for the Travel Demand Model (and upcoming travel demand survey), and the Transportation Monitoring System. He also maintains the MPO's economic and demographic projections. Prior, Andy managed the Information Resources and Policy Analysis Section for Indianapolis where he was the point of contact with the Census Bureau (LUCA). Andy has a Masters in Urban Planning from the U of Illinois.

John-Paul Hopman, Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG)
John-Paul is currently the Network Model and GIS Coordinator for MACOG, a position he has held since 2004. He started his GIS career as a Travel Demand Modeler for MACOG, assisting in the development of St. Joseph and Elkhart County's GIS systems. Presently, John-Paul coordinates the Indiana Travel Demand Modelers Group, consisting of the thirteen metropolitan planning organizations in Indiana and includes staff from the Federal Highway Association, INDOT, and IDEM.

Lisa Gehlhausen, Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission
Lisa serves as the Executive Director, where she is responsible for development and management of community facilities, downtown renovations, water and wastewater infrastructure projects in 6 counties. Lisa also manages the technical and administrative activities of mapping, comprehensive planning and zoning, transportation planning, codifications, floodplain management, park and recreation planning, historic preservation projects, and environmental reviews. She has extensive experience in GIS and GPS. She serves on many Boards, including IGIC.