Congratulations to the newest members of the IGIC Board of Directors! You can view all the results at http://www.igic.org/committees/election.html

County Sector
Kurt Babcock – Monroe County

Municipal Sector
Andrew Swenson – City of Indianapolis

Commercial GIS Provider
Joyce West - The Sidwell Company

Critical Infrastructure

Matt Rummel, CFM – Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC

Central Region At Large Sector
Jim Stout - IMAGIS

Education Sector
Rick Hill – Indiana Geological Survey
Matt Riggs – The Polis Center at IUPUI

At Large Sector
Mike Martin – IDNR
Katie Springer - Indiana State Library, State Data Center
Be a part of something great! IGIC is accepting nominations for the 2013 Board of Directors.

It is our vision to provide a modern, accurate, documented, and accessible geospatial information infrastructure for all of Indiana. The three-year term will begin at the IGIC Annual Business Meeting, February 21, 2013 in Indianapolis.

Self-nominations are encouraged!

Seats are open in the following sectors:

University (2 Seats Open)
At Large (2 Seats Open)
Commercial GIS Service Provider
Critical Infrastructure
Central Region At Large

Visit www.igic.org/activities/boardnoms.html for more information
Congratulations to the newest members of the IGIC Board of Directors!

State of Indiana
Joel Bump, INDOT

Chris Morse, US Department of Agriculture - NRCS

Regional At Large - Southwest
John Howe, Gibson County

Regional At Large - Southeast
Margaret Minzner, Dearborn County

Regional At Large - Northeast
Dave Estes, Allen County

Fiona Becker, The Nature Conservancy

At Large
Brooke Gajownik, Hamilton County Sheriff's

At Large
Larry Theller, Purdue University

Mike Morris, City of Noblesville Utility

Critical Infrastructure
Chris Severns, Indianapolis Division of Homeland Security
IGIC is now accepting nominations for the 2012 Board of Directors! Board members play a vital role in shaping IGIC's projects, policies and initiatives throughout the year. Self-nominations are strongly encouraged.

Deadline for submission is November 30th.

To ensure all geographic regions of Indiana are represented on the Board, this year IGIC is introducing three new Regional At Large seats for the Southwest, Southeast and Northeast areas of Indiana. In all, nominations for 2012 are being accepted for:

At Large (2 Seats Open)
Critical Infrastructure
Southwest Region At Large
Northeast Region At Large
Southeast Region At Large

To learn more, or download a nomination form, visit www.igic.org/activities/boardnoms.html
Contributed by: Steven J. Hook, GISP
IGIC Election Committee Chair

I want to personally thank this year’s candidates for choosing to be a nominee for your representative sector and for your willingness to run. We definitely had a great group of candidates this year.

2010 Election Results:

Rural County Sector: Chad Hoover – Steuben County GIS Coordinator

Rural Municipal Sector: Rob Mendel - City of Huntingburg CAD/GIS Technician and Manager

Not-for-Profit Sector: Carol Rogers - Indiana Business Research Center

Commercial GIS Service Provider Sector: John Hannel - Woolpert Corporation

Regional GIS Consortia Sector: Greg White - Lake County GIS Department Director

Regional Planning Commission Sector: Trent Pell – Madison County Council of Governments GIS Coordinator

We had 154 members cast votes this year. Congratulations to these newly elected members to the IGIC Board of Directors. These newly elected members will serve a 3-year term, and they will assume their seats on the IGIC Board at our annual IGIC Business meeting on Monday, February 28, 2010. Everyone is invited to attend our Board Meetings. Our annual meeting will be held the afternoon before our Annual GIS Conference at the Ball State University Student Center, Muncie, IN.
Be a part of something great! IGIC is accepting nominations for the 2011 Board of Directors.

It is our Vision that all Indiana communities will be safer, healthier, wealthier and wiser because they are part of a robust statewide GIS infrastructure. The three-year term will begin at the IGIC Annual Business Meeting, February 28, 2011 in Muncie, Indiana.

Self-nominations are welcome!

Seats are open in the following sectors:

Not for Profit
Regional GIS Consortia
Rural County (population under 50,000)
Rural Municipal (any municipality in a county with a population under 50,000)

Visit www.igic.org/activities/boardnoms.html for more information

There were 9 Board Member seats open for election this year. Elected Board Members serve 3-year terms, beginning with our annual meeting in February. Board terms are staggered so that each year we elect about 1/3 of our Board of Directors.

Results of the 2010 vote can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/7W1DKL. IGIC was very fortunate to have a great slate of candidates for this election, and as you can see the voting this year was very close.

I would like to thank all of the candidates who ran for the Board of Directors positions. Congratulations to the winners, and for those of you who did not get elected this year we would like to encourage you to continue to volunteer on committees and workgroups as this is how we get things done, and name recognition is also a great help at election time. We would also encourage you to run for the Board again next year!

Finally, remember all IGIC Board Meetings are "open meetings" and they are posted on the IGIC Calendar - http://igic.org/calendar/index.html, so please get Involved and stay Involved!

By Phil Worrall, IGIC Executive Director.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our 300+ individual, student, corporate, institutional and enterprise members for all of your support in 2009. A special "Thank You" to our 30 Elected Board Members for you vision and support in 2009, and also to all of our hardworking volunteer members on our 19 standing committees and workgroups for your hard work and accomplishments in 2009.

IGIC will be publishing a formal Annual Report in early 2010, but I wanted to highlight just a few of our 2009 accomplishments at this point and to also look forward to 2010.

The most significant single step toward realizing the vision of the IndianaMap is being made through our ongoing Data Sharing Initiative. Led by our Data Sharing Committee along with partners from thirteen different organizations, and county funding provided through local EMA's by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, currently 78 of 92 Indiana Counties have agreed to share their local authoritative parcel, address point, road centerline, and boundary data with the State of Indiana and the IndianaMap. This initial program funding will continue through 2011, and Jim Sparks, our State of Indiana GIO has already identified potential funding for an additional three years through phase 2 of the State of Indiana ARRA Broadband Mapping grant!

IGIC Finances & Funding

IGIC's operating income is largely based on project grants. This soft money funding is a challenge in effectively planning ongoing and future operations. Federal entities such as the USGS, EPA, FEMA, and the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) provide IGIC the opportunity to pursue a variety of both competitive and cooperative grants each year. State funding comes from grant/project opportunities for IGIC in collaboration with the State's Geographic Information Office and other state agencies to support programs like the Data Sharing Initiative, National Hydrography Dataset updates, and the new ARRA Broadband Mapping initiative.

Membership dues and our Annual Indiana GIS Conference also contribute to our income. The Finance Committee and the IGIC Board implemented increases in our 2009 membership dues, as well as offering different membership levels to encourage more participation and increase revenues. Our paid membership numbers remained stable in 2009, but we plan to grow in 2010.

2009 Grants
I think we had a very successful year, with almost a half-million dollars in new grant awards to IGIC. The majority of these grants will help us advance the development of key framework data layers on the IndianaMap. Although awarded in 2009, work on all of these grants will continue well into 2010:

2009 IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative - FGDC CAP #7 Grant:.............$75,000.00
Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Hydrography Updates:......$25,000.00
Great Lakes Initiative Area (GLI) Hydrography Data Upgrades:............$200,000.00
Upper Eel Subbasin Hydrography Data Improvements:........................$29,000.00
IndianaMap HAZUS-MH Structure Data:.........................................$83,660.00
Indiana ARRA Broadband GIS Mapping (IndianaMap Support):...............$57,200.00
Silver Jackets Web Site Development:..........................................$24,500.00

IGIC Committees and Workgroups

Our committees and workgroups are essential to achieving our goals. In the past year alone, these groups logged over 1,400 volunteer hours on projects ranging from emergency response efforts to hydrography stewardship to legislative initiatives. Some of their accomplishments include:

IndianaMap Steering Committee: With the growth of the IndianaMap came a need for improved communications and coordination. IGIC, together with the State Geographic Information Office, the Indiana Geological Survey, and Indiana University – UITS became managing partners of the IndianaMap. Recognizing the benefits of closely involving stakeholders, a new IndianaMap Steering Committee was also formed. The 25-member committee has representatives from universities, state and local government, planning organizations, the private sector, and the Chairs of IGIC's Framework data Workgroups. Since April 2009, it has been developing and outlining priorities for the data, technology and integration.

Elevation and Geodetic Control Workgroup: In collaboration with the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors (ISPLS) and the Indiana Department of Transportation (NDOT), this IGIC workgroup has completed a plan and proposal to the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) for a Height Modernization program for Indiana. The Workgroup is currently developing grass-root level support to implement the program as well as seeking funding.

Waters Workgroup: The Waters Workgroup has finalized two major documents: The RFP for work to improve Indiana's National Hydrography Data (NHD) from high-resolution to local-resolution, and formalizing a NHD Stewardship Agreement for Indiana with the USGS. The RFP will be released this month (December), and the NHD Stewardship Agreement is in the process of being signed. The workgroup has also developed the program for GNIS name updates for Indiana. These three key initiatives already have some initial funding through three new NHD project grants awarded to IGIC this year.

Orthophotography Workgroup: This group was responsible for the 2005 Statewide Orthophotography Project. This groundbreaking program quickly showed an astounding return on an initial investment of $8.5 Million by supporting over 200-times its value in projects and operations. Recognizing the critical need for this data, the Workgroup has developed a new program to update the statewide orthophotography on a regular rotating basis. This work has included developing planning documents with technical specifications, Request for Proposal materials, and documents to educate the public and our elected officials on the benefit of this program. IGIC and the State GIO are currently seeking initial funding to start this vital program.

CAD/GIS Integration Workgroup: This workgroup in 2009 has been developing a CAD-to-GIS data model template with electronic data submission guidelines for local governments to use to streamline the integration of new CAD data submissions into the local government's GIS. The committee has strong leadership from the engineering, utility and local government sectors. An initial template and documentation is planned for release in 2010.

Streets and Addresses Workgroup & Boundaries-Cadastre-PLSS Workgroup: These IGIC framework data workgroups represent the four data layers that are being harvested as part of our statewide county Data Sharing Initiative (Street Centerlines, Point Addresses, Jurisdictional Boundaries and Parcels). These workgroups have been active participants in 2009 and their work will continue in 2010 as part of IGIC's CAP Grant.

Legislative Committee: The committee has been active on a number of key initiatives to advocate for GIS funding at the local, state and federal levels. This past year the committee developed an Advocacy Agenda documenting key GIS programs, and a “Talking to your Local Elected Officials" grass-roots initiative to help educate elected officials and advocate for GIS funding.

The committee supported Indiana's High Speed Internet Service Initiative, and a bill was passed and signed by the Governor this summer to develop a statewide broadband GIS layer and disseminate it through the IndianaMap. As a direct benefit of having this legislation in place, the State of Indiana was awarded a $1.3 million dollar ARRA State Broadband Mapping grant this fall by the NTIA. The State Geographic Information Office is currently leading the development of this initial broadband GIS layer for Indiana to meet a February 2010 deadline.

IGIC's Legislative Committee had most recently been working with the Indiana Association of County Surveyors Legislative Committee to figure out how in these difficult economic times to pay for local and statewide GIS data development and maintenance. As a direct result, we will be working together in 2010 to draft some preliminary legislation to seek permanent base-level GIS funding for Indiana.

Conference Committee: Our 2009 Annual GIS Conference in Bloomington Indiana was a great success. Our 2009 conference was the first one we have held outside of Indianapolis. The Bloomington venue offered IGIC significant cost savings, new opportunities for hands-on workshops, and proved to be extremely popular with all attendees. Despite the additional travel and economic downturn, attendance remained strong with nearly 300 attendees.

The committee has been hard at work on our 2010 Conference (also in Bloomington, IN), and we believe it will be even better. Looking forward, the Conference Committee has already selected Muncie IN for our 2011 & 2013 annual conference, and we are working on plans for West Layette, IN in 2012.

Education Committee: IGIC presented seminars and workshops on the IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative, GIS Basics, GIS Grants, LiDAR, Web development, and E911 Addressing. Workshops around the state, online webinars and traditional seminars reached almost 200 people. Our Local Government GIS Forum continued for its second year, and provided a unique opportunity for over 70 GIS professionals from across Indiana to speak candidly with each other about common issues and solutions. The committee already has a packed seminar series planed for 2010, as well as plans to work with AIC and IACT on GIS training opportunities at their annual conferences.

Communications Committee: In late 2009, IGIC formed this new committee to enhance our existing Internet resources, improve member collaborations, and to integrate Web 2.0 and Social Media tools into our web presence. In January 2009, IGIC released a new redesigned website with a dedicated address (www.igic.org). It has received more than three million hits from over 60 thousand unique visitors. The growth of the IndianaMap also prompted IGIC to create a new site (www.indianamap.org). A new site has been developed which will act as a portal to all of Indiana’s spatial data. The new IndianaMap site was launched in September 2009.

GIS Response Corps Committee: In April 2009, and Indiana GIS Response Corps was formed under IGIC's direction. The group is creating a statewide network of volunteers to provide GIS support to local EMA's and IDHS during emergency events, like the widespread flooding across Indiana in 2008. The group is also working to identify, document and train Response Corp volunteers and local EMA staff on GIS best practices for before, during and after a disaster.

Membership Committee: Our Membership Committee in 2009 sponsored two entirely new social/fund raising events for IGIC. First, this last summer we held our first Urban Orienteering Event in downtown Indianapolis, and this fall he held our first ever Evening Dinner Meeting in West Lafayette. Both events were well attended and very successful. Our Membership Committee is currently planning for more of these events in 2010, as well as a golf outing fund raising event.

Thank You!

Thanks again to all our members, partners and supporters for a successful 2009, and with your help IGIC [we] will have an even better 2010!

Happy Holidays,
At our October 15, 2009 Board Meeting the IGIC Council voted to approve the charter for our new Communication Committee. This committee represents a renaming and re-tasking of our former Publicity Committee. The IGIC Communications Committee will provide guidance and support for written and electronic communications methods and content in support of our membership and to promote IGIC's mission and objectives, including:

· Serve as a resource to all other IGIC committees and workgroups

· Provide marketing and outreach coordination

· Maintain IGIC/IndianaMap identity standards

· Collection and distribution of promotional materials (printed and electronic media)

· Establishing and maintaining media distribution channels and contacts

· Support the ongoing development of the igic.org and indianaMap.org web sites, content and technology

· Research, test and implement - members / non-members communications tools
(Listserv emails, Message Boards, Blogs, RSS feeds, wireless & mobile communications)

· Research, test and implement - IGIC-only members web collaboration tools
(Google Wave, Google Docs, OpenGoo, etc...)

· Research, test and implement - public social media tools
(Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, FriendFeed, Flickr, etc...)

· Research, test and implement - IGIC community-sourced web map mash-ups
(e.g. IGIC members, their State Legislators and other elected officials, IGIC Members Networking connections)

The Communications Committees is in an initial start up phase, with our first official meeting Tuesday, October 20, 2009 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm at IGIC's new office (777 North Indiana Ave). A number of committee members have already volunteered, but we are still looking for more members interested in volunteering their time and energy to make this effort a success. If you are interested, please come to our first meeting, or email Phil Worrall at pworrall@igic.org.
We're making an attempt to reach out to our current members, to "potential" new members, and to our geospatial community partners through a number of Internet social networking portals.

IGIC's primary communication channels will continue to be through...

Our main web site: http://igic.org
and our NEW IndianaMap web site: http://www.indianamap.org

Primary email communications will continue through our various listservs
All NEWS posting will still be made through IGIC's News Blog - http://www.igic.org/news. With an RSS feed of IGIC News available here

But, we plan to also post links to this information and explore new outreach and networking opportunities using these and other social networking sites.

We plan to test out Google Wave as soon as it becomes available. If you would like to see us participate on other social networks please let me know!