Contributed by: Chris Dintaman, The IndianaMap Support Team, Indiana Geological Survey

The IndianaMap Atlas is an interactive map and data repository that contains more than 200 layers of geographic, geologic, environmental, and other data for the state of Indiana. The IndianaMap is produced and managed by the Indiana Geological Survey at Indiana University.

Updated Layers
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has provided four updated data layers named "Dams (IDNR)," "Trails (IDNR)," "Managed Lands (IDNR)," and "Water Wells (IDNR)." The dams and trails layers can be found in the following folder: INFRASTRUCTURE > Other Infrastructure. The managed lands layer can be found in the following folder: ENVIRONMENT/BIOLOGY > Management Areas & Misc. The water wells layer can be found in the following folder: HYDROLOGY > Hydrogeology. If you are a user of these data, you may wish to re-download them.

Maps of the Month
(The following links were created using the “Hyperlink” tool on the IndianaMap)
- Map showing Dams (IDNR)
- Map showing Trails (IDNR)
- Map showing Managed Lands (IDNR)
- Map showing Water Wells (IDNR) in Marion County

An example of the IDNR Managed Lands layer - RANDOLPH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA in Randolph County is shown below: