The USGS Streamer web site is a very cool and easy way to explore our major waterways. Click here to visit the new USGS Streamer web site:

Streamer Downstream 1b.jpg
With a simple map click, anyone can trace rivers and streams from a starting point all the way downstream to where a stream drains.
Streamer Downstream 2.jpg

Streamer-downstream 3.jpg
Streamer also produces a report that includes a map and information about the people and places encountered along the streams traced.
Streamer Downstream 4.jpg
Even more impressive, they can click on a stream and trace all others that drain to that point.
Streamer Upstream 1.jpg

Streamer Upstream 2.jpg
A new map layer displays the locations of real-time streamflow stations across the country. Streamer updates this information hourly and symbolizes these stations to illustrate current streamflow conditions compared with each stationís observed mean streamflow on the same day of the year. You can tell at a glance whether conditions are above, below, or at normal levels at each station.
Streamer Upstream 3.jpg
Another new map layer has been added that shows weather radar across all 50 States.
Streamer Upstream 4.jpg
Click here to visit the new USGS Streamer web site: